About me

Hey there 馃憢, my name is J茅r么me, and welcome to my home on the web!

Hey there 馃憢, I'm J茅r么me, nice to meet you!

I'm a Software Engineer at elvah, and I like providing robust backends, infrastructure, and tools to make the days of my fellow developers more enjoyable. I've made my hobby my profession, and I have a particular affinity for code quality, reliability, and refactorings.

In my spare time, I develop and contribute to Open Source software, with the Firebase SDK for PHP being the only most popular one.

If you're interested in what I have done in the past, have a look at jerome.read.cv.

This website is my personal space where I want to practice my writing and share what I learn, as well as my thoughts about topics I care about.

If you'd like to connect, you can reach me at [email protected], on Mastodon and [matrix].

Thanks for being here!